Greetings and Polite Words

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Greetings battleship

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Spanish alphabet

El alfabeto

Orale, el alfabeto.

Realidades 1 (Book)

Realidades 1 - Book

1A Practice

1A Practice

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1B Practice

1B Practice

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2A Practice

2A Practice

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2A Rags to riches

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Subject Pronouns

Subject Pronouns game

Subject Pronouns - Rags to Riches game

Spanish Subject Pronouns

-AR Verbs (infinitives)

2B Practice

2B Practice

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Los objetos de la clase

Los objetos de la clase - Rags to riches Game

Indefinite Articles


3A Practice

3A Practice

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3B Practice

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4A Practice

4A Practice

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5A Practice

5A Practice

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6B Conjuguemos

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