Class Info

Science rules

All students are expected to have a separate three ring binder for science where all notes, handouts and homework will be kept. In addition, all students will need a one subject notebook as their lab journal.

Student Rules and Expectations

1. Be on time.

2. We are respectful to all that are in the classroom.

3. Come prepared to class. (Binder, books, pencils, homework, chromebook, SSR book and any other necessary materials)

4. While the teacher is doing hallway supervision during passing time, you should get yourself ready for class. This includes sharpening your pencils, opening your binder, writing down your homework in your organizer, and following the directions on the board.

5. There is no talking unless called upon (raise your hand), no getting up during the lesson unless instructed to do so and no interrupting others when they are working.

6. Homework is neatly written and completed on time.

7. Any work and/or notes missed due to an absence will be the responsibility of the student. Make up work will be made up within five days of returning to school. Labs must be made up and handed in with ten days.

8. Assignments are to be written in your organizer daily at the beginning of class.

9. Return any borrowed materials at the end of class.

10. Be sure that your area is clean before you leave.

11. The teachers will dismiss you from the classroom at the end of class.

12. All other rules in the handbook apply.