Monthly News in Writer's Workshop
February will see the start of our third unit, the Argument Essay.  The theme for this unit will be writing about reading, or rather, using literary texts to write analytical essays.  Expect to see some collaboration with Reader's Workshop!

January will mark the end of the Research-based Information Writing unit.  After having performed plenty of research, it is now time to learn all of the important writing skills that we will need to revise and edit the Activist essays.

December always seems like a short month, but we will be spending every moment of it in Writer's Workshop researching our Activist Essay topics.  Our first drafts will be done before Winter Break, and we will return to finish the unit upon our return in the new year!

In November, students will be approaching the end of the Personal Narrative Unit.  We hope to have well-polished stories to share before Thanksgiving Break.  Toward the end of the month we will begin our second unit, the Research-based Informative Essay.

We are finally getting into the heart of the Personal Narrative unit.  Students will be writing their first drafts of a significant writing piece, which we will spend several weeks editing and revising while learning new writing techniques.

We will be spending our first month of school getting ready for the new school year.  First up on the agenda is taking care of the Baseline writing assessments, and then we will get into starting our Writer's Notebooks and other key routines.