Monthly News in Writer's Workshop
It is the final month of school!  Students will spend June focusing on planning, drafting, editing, and sharing their fantasy short stories.  Student enthusiasm is high, and we hope to keep learning and writing all the way to the end of the school year.

May means that the end of the school year is just around the corner.  With that in mind, Writer's Workshop will be wrapping up the argumentative unit a little early with a surprising announcement. In the second half of May, we will have the pleasure of trying out a new mini-unit on fantasy writing, which will (for many students) be a pleasant return to the narrative writing of the beginning of the year.

Besides looking forward to Spring Break, our eyes will be turned toward our argumentative unit this month.  We will be focusing on the literary essay, particularly on using evidence to support character analysis.  In regards to this, we will be collaborating very closely with the ELA classroom for most of this month!


We will be spending the first half of March wrapping up our information writing unit and teen activist papers.  Students will soon be putting the finishing touches on their second drafts before sharing out the finished products.  At the turn of the third (and final!) trimester, we will be jumping into argumentative writing, which is our final unit.


Now that students have written the first drafts of their teen activist papers, we are shifting gears into learning the writing strategies and techniques needed to polish up their second drafts.  We will be learning about incorporating and explaining evidence in our writing, how to organize information in our papers, as well as grammar, citations, punctuation, and more.


This month we are jumping into our second unit, Research-Based Information Writing.  Our theme for this unit will be teen activism and encouraging students to learn more global, national, and local issues.  A lot of our work this month will be focusing on how to gather information, take notes, and organize informative writing.