Math Links


Links for the Pre-Algebra graphing project:

     - Churchill Downs

     - Major League Baseball (MLB)

     - National Football League (NFL)

     - Professional Golf Association (PGA)

     - Weather


Math Help Websites:

     - Web Math: this site offers homework help for a wide variety of topics.

     - Discovery Education: this site offers help with your math homework.


Math Game Websites:

     - Funbrain: this site offers many games with varying levels of difficulty.  Toipcs include fractions, basic facts, fractions, integers and more.

     - Sheppard Software: Math Madness and Math Madness Advanced offer practice with basic facts.

     - The Math Games: this website offers fast paced games based on many common math topics.

     - Cool Math: this site offers many types of games to help review and practice topics that we are studying in class.

     - Math Playground: this site offers games on topics such as basic facts, angles and geometry.