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Summer Reading

Each grade level at ETJMS, including incoming 6th grade students are expected to read at least two books this summer. At least one book must be from the summer reading theme or book choice selections made in your “family” (or sent to you if you are an incoming grade 6 student). The other book may be a book of your choosing.


Upon your return to school, you will be participating in a family reading book club! Each family at ETJMS has chosen a book or a theme and will be hosting a book club with you and other students in your family. Make sure you do the reading so you can be an active participant! The following two questions will be used in each discussion group as a starting point. Please consider them as you read:


  • Can you pick out a passage that strikes you as particularly profound or interesting--or perhaps something that sums up the central dilemma of the book?


  • Does an issue in this book affect your life? How so—directly, on a daily basis, or more generally? Now or sometime in the future?



It might help you to take notes as you read, or to mark your selected passage with a sticky note. Also, please generate and write down some of your own questions for the book club.


Students entering grades 6 and 8 are required to choose at least one fiction book from the list, or of their choosing. The book may be used to write a literary essay within the first few days of school. You should prepare by taking notes on a character’s traits or motivations in the story, and any observations about the theme or lesson in the story. You may use the attached chart as a note taking guide if it helps to guide your thinking.  You will be allowed to use your notes when you write your literary essay. If you are able to bring a copy of the book to class, you may use that, too.


When self-selecting a book, please remember that a reading grade level indicates the readability of the text by grade and is meant as a rough guide. Students will read beyond their level when they’re motivated by a topic. Let it happen. Many books are offered at lower reading levels, but contain topics that are only suitable for older students. See your teacher or the town librarian if you are confused, but a good rule of thumb is to just pick a book that interests you!  We have been working with the Terryville Public Library to make sure that the texts can be available to you through the library or through the statewide interlibrary loan Bibliomation system.  Don’t wait until the last minute to get a book from the library.