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Healthy Choices

Pre-Teens and Alcoholism

Substance Abuse

Drug Free

Teacher Resources

Creative Commons

Understanding copyright laws in the digital age is difficult and confusing for most students and teachers. This site defines a web author's copyright intentions; and allows you to browse for "licensed media that you can legally share and reuse for free."

Create A Graph

Find Excel® to be too confusing for your elementary students to use? This site allows even the youngest students to easily create graphs and charts for their data. "Create a Graph" is a free online tool that helps both teachers and students input their own data and labels to create professional looking charts and graphs with ease.

Easy Bib

A free bibliograply composer.


Can be used in English or Spanish to create your own rubrics.


Reading News

Google Scholar

CT State Department of Education

CMT Mathematics Handbook

CMT Language Arts Handbook

CT State Department of Education: ARTS (dance, music, theater, visual arts)

Education World

teAchnology: The Web Portal for Educators

Primary Sources in Perspective

Kids Online Resources

The Global Schoolhouse

Discovery Education


Has over 6,000 web sites with activities in all subject areas. Many links do not work. There will be great finds for those of you who have the time and patience to explore.

Library Spot

You can spend a weeks vacation at Library Spot and still need more time.

Kathy Schrock’s Special Needs Guide for Teachers

Special Education sites to Visit

Special Education Teacher Resources

Teaching special Kids: On-Line Resources

Special Education Resources

Kids Online Free Fun Sites


Sheppard Software

Lots of great on-line games for geography, vocabulary and math. Check it out.

Civics Resources

Susan B. Anthony

Lucretia Mott

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Womens Suffrage

Civil Rights

National Civil Rights Museum

Civil Right Hate Crimes

State of CT - Government

FirstGov for Kids

General Reference & Homework Help

Terryville Public Library

Academic Kids

Etymology Dictionary

Virtual Middle School Library

Connecticut Digital Library

Library of Congress


World Book Encyclopedia, Atlas and Dictionary

Kids Online Resources

Library Spot

Fact Monster

Old Magazine Articles


The United States - Interactice Map

World Geography - Interactive Maps

World Cultures and Geography: Eastern

World Atlas

World Geography

World Fact Book

Terra Server - USA

ThinkQuest: Geography

Latin World

Mystery of the Maya

Maya Adventure

Adventures in South America

Journey to Japan


Grammar & Writing

Online Editing Test

Have fun taking this online test where you check for puctuation, sentence fragments and spelling.

Nonstop English

Take these fun interactive quizzes to test your grammar and vocabulary knowledge.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

HSF MLA 2007

Citation Machine

Easy Bibliography

Guide to Grammar and Style


The Puzzling World of Winston Breen

Eric Berlin creates puzzles for all ages, from kids to adults (his crosswords appear often in the New York Times). He lives in Milford, Connecticut, with his wife and two children. The Puzzling World of Winston Breen is his first novel.

Authors and Illustrators on the Web


Includes the latest reviews, interviews, author information and links to Award Winner Lists.


Kid's Read

EPA's Top 100 Authors

Stories from the Web

Classic Books On-Line

Search Strategies


Patriot's Pen

Heroes adn the American Dream

American Heroes: Then & Now

The American Hero

Heros of the New Millenium

My Hero

Time Magazine's Top 100

Parent Resources

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Scholastic Calendar of Fun & Educational Activities

PBS Parents

U.S. Department of Education: Especially for Parents

NAEG Center for the Gifted & Talented: Parent Resources

CT State Department of Education:Special Education Resources

Awesome Library for Parents

Today's Parent

The Parent Report

Art Resources



ARTNATOMY: Anatomical Basis of Facial Expression

Famous Painting for Students
Has information about artists and worksheets.

Art Cyclopedia

Is a guide to great art on the Internet

Art History: Prehistoric through the 21st Century

Links to museums all over the world.

ThinkQuest: Arts & Entertainment

Color Matters

Essential Skills


Telling Time Web Quest

Working with Fractions

Nutrition Scavenger Hunt

How many cents?

Library Alphabet

Five Day Challenge: All About Food

Health and PE

Steps to a Healthier You

Explore the new food pyramid and blast off to a heathier you.

Virtual Help to Eating Better

The Carrollton-Farmers Branch (TX) School District has launched a web-based Virtual Cafeteria that students can use to calculate the
calories, fat grams, carbs, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C in their
lunch choices. Try planning your own meal based on the choices students have in this Texas School District.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005

National School Lunch Program

Mr. Gym

An online historical sports statistics database

Sports Rules

Your one-stop search to any rule you will ever need.

Sports Heros of the '90's

ThinkQuest: Sports & Recreation

Library Spot: Sports

How Stuff Works: Health

Medline Encyclopedia

Healthy Choices: Research in the areas of drug, alcohol and tobacco

Industrial Technology

United States Patent Office

Time Magazine Best Inventions 2010,29569,2029497,00.html

American Inventors & Inventions

MIT Inventions Program

A History of Inventions

Ancient Inventions

National Inventor's Hall of Fame

CT Invents


How Stuff Works

Auto Site

Building Bridges

Engine Technology

Dynamics of Flight

Electronics for Kids


Architecture Activities

Mousetrap Car Instructions

Mousetrap Mania

Library Media News


Circuits Holiday Buying Guide

Netflex Contest

Reading Research

Kids' Television: FCC adopts new agreement

Soda will not be sold in schools

Current Events

The Big Project Newspaper

Chipublib Newspaper

Instant Knowledge News

New York Times

New York Times Student Connections (Grades 6-12)

Daily News Quiz

Yahooligans! News

Bristol Press

Student News Samples from around the World

News Writing with Scholastic

Newspaper Writing 101


How to learn the Metric System

U.S. Metric Association

Take a Units of Measurement Quiz

Math Playground

Melting Pot Math

Allows you to click on locations around the globe and learn about that country and culture, while solving math problems.

A Mathematical Tour of Chatham, New Jersey

Solve problems while you learn about the history of Chatham.

Figure This!!!


The Mathematical Atlas

Middle School Math Forum

Mega Math

History of Mathematics

A + Math

Ed Helper

Web Math

AAA Math

The World of Math

Brain Teasers

Math Baseball

Dare to Be Square

Math Car Racing

Number Cracker

One False Move

Line Graphs

Bar Graphs

Circle Graphs

Basic Graphing

Census At School

Create A Graph

The Math Forum Library

has subcategories by grade level and a Middle School Teachers Place.

Middleweb Math Resources

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

Math Topics listed by category with links to lesson plans and classroom activities.

The National Science Digital Library

Offers many middle school resources in science, math and technology.

ThinkQuest: Math

Kids Net


The Machine's Got Rhythm

Room 108

PBS Kids

Music Banquet

Takes you on a tour of classical music composers, from the 1400's to present.

Music Acoustics

Is presented by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Click on instruments from around the world to learn about decibels, the sound spectrum and harmony.

Arts Alive

All about the orchestra. Learn about the instruments and the musicians who play them.

Essentials of Music

has an overview of music history, composer biographies and a glossary with definitions of musical terms.

Popular Songs in American History

Listen to midi files and read lyrics of songs listed by era/events.

The Story of America in Music

ThinkQuest: Arts & Entertainment

Instrument Encyclopedia

Music Games Online

Music Puzzles

Gamequarium: Music

Interactive Classics

Sounds Amazing

Web Weather for Kids

Environmental Education

How Stuff Works

Medline Encyclopedia

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

Volcano World


Volcanoes: Think Quest

Volcano Web Quest

Chemical Elements

MSA Mineral Games

Mineral Matters

Sedimentary, My Dear Watson

Our Solar System



Body Systems

The Virtual Body

Find a Scientist

Educational Hotlists

Science News

New York Times

Social Studies

The United States - Interactive Map

World Cultures and Geography: Eastern

World Geography - Interactive Maps

World Atlas

World Geography

World Fact Book

Terra Server-USA

ThinkQuest: Geography

Latin World

Mystery of the Maya

Adventures in South America

Journey to Japan



Spanish Festivals & Holidays

Fiestas in Spain

Fiestas & Folklore

English to Spanish Dictionary

South America for Visitors

Notable Hispanic Americans

Latin American Recipees

More Latin American Recipees


Good Typing - (free online keyboarding program)

Although there are lessons you can try without filling out the free registration, you need to register with your email address to gain access to all the features here at Good Typing.

Keyboarding Practice

Keyboarding Practice: (letters & words)

Dance Mat Typing

A fun musical introduction to touch typing for kids seven and older. Practice is divided into twelve lessons, and led by animated characters.

Typing Games

There are six arcade-style typing games, thirty keyboarding lessons and thirty timed typing tests (with printable certificates.)


The interactive exercises in this Kids Typing Tutor automatically adjust to your skill level.

Learn about Web Hosting

Fashion for the 21st Century

Cool or Fool? Surfing Safety

Internet Games for Fun & Safety

Playing it Safe;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1;+SV1%29&refv=1&re One of the key factors to staying safe online is protecting your privacy. This is often overlooked and most Internet safety resources focus on the obvious aspects such as not talking to strangers online etc whereas we dig into what parents, carers and educators can do to ensure children can enjoy the Internet safely. 

ThinkQuest: Technology

Technology Encyclopedia

Internet Statistics

MIT Media Lab News

Internet Growth Charts

2005: The Year In Technology

Robotics Timeline

Internet Use Statistics

Computer Jargon Explained


Test Sites

Web Cams

Montery Bay Aquarium

World Languages

I Love Languages

Explore over 200 world languages

World Languages & Cultures

Includes many interesting language facts & statistics

Endangered Languages

Did you know that over 50% of the worlds languages are endangered!

Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger of Disappearing

Click on a world map and read about the country and endangered language.

Say Hello to the World

Learn how to say Hello to your friends in many different languages.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World

An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known living languages

Glossaries by Language from Around the World