Topics of Study

Course Overview

Textbook used:  

   Forces, Motion, and Energy; Holt Science & Technology, 2007

   Prentice Hall Science Explorer, Inside Earth; Pearson, 2009

   Prentice Hall Science Explorer, Cells and Heredity; Pearson, 2009

   Prentice Hall Science Explorer, Human Biology and Health; Pearson, 2009

In addition to reviewing the proper use of laboratory equipment and lab safety, students continue to develop experimental design skills through participation in laboratory assignments.  Students become more independent in their ability to formulate a scientific questions, develop and implement an experimental procedure and analyze their results.

The seventh grade science content encompasses a variety of science disciplines, including life, physical, and Earth science.  We start the year with a study of Living Things and Cells.  During this unit students gain an understanding of the how cells work and function as a system.  This sets the stage for our comprehensive unit on The Human Body.    After completing a study of the human body, we will dive into Earth's Changing Surface where students will link the Theory of Plate Tectonics to global and local geographical features.  We finish the year with topics in the discipline of physical science.  Students will examine and experiment with simple machines, force and energy.