Homework, Grading & Classroom Resources

Welcome to Science!


Please come prepared with the following materials!

  • Chrome Book
  • 1 or 1.5 inch three ring binder (This binder will be used for science class only)
  • Pencils, pens (blue and black ink only)


Classroom Resources:

  •  Google Classroom: We will be utilizing Google Classroom to post and complete class work and homework.
  • I will maintain a model notebook for each unit of study. The notebook will contain all the notes, worksheets, and homework assignments completed during the unit. In addition, there will be an Absence section where copies of the work you missed may be found.

  • Homework assigned during the week will be written on a chart at the front of the room and will remain there until the following Monday.

Homework Policy

  • The amount of homework assigned each week will vary depending on the activities completed in class and the topic of study (Average-3 times).
  • Homework will be treated in one of the following ways:

                1.  Collected and graded.

                2.  Checked for completion at the beginning of class and reviewed

                      as a group.

  •  Only work turned in on the day it is due will receive full credit!

Grading Policy

Your final grade will be calculated using the following percentages:

Classwork/Homework – 10%

Labs – 20%

Quizzes – 20%

Tests/Projects – 35%

Activities – 15%

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