Band Events

Band Events  
  • Fall Fundraiser - QSP Fundraising
  • (Late October / Early November
  • Winter Concert 
  • Northern Regional Music Festival Auditions
  • Northern Regional Music Festival Concert
  • Opening of Little League Season
    • (Performance on field)
  • Two Memorial Day Parades
    • (one on Sunday and Monday)
  • 7th Grade Project Poetry Jazz Band
    • (No audition, all are welcome!!)
  • Spring Concert
  • 7th/8th Grade Band Great East Music Festival
  • 6th Grade Band Boston Field Trip

***Friends of Music @ Eli Terry is the Music Booster Club at ETJMS.
Parents gather once a month to work together to raise funds to help the band and choral programs.  You do not have to attend to the meetings to participate in the fundraisers, athough, we are currently seeking active parents to fill positions on the Board.  We hope to hear from you and see you soon at these events!  Thank you in advance for all your help!!!!    -  Mr. Hart
Expectations / Grading Policy  





-     Educate the students in the art of learning to read, write, perform, improvise, compose, and analyze music.


-     Enrich the students’ educational experience at the middle school level by giving them a better understanding of how music affects the human experience.


-     Provide the students with opportunities to create new friendships and experiences through the medium of music.


-     Prepare the students for our band events (concerts, parades, etc.) throughout the year.


-     Coach/Guide them through the easy and tough times and pass onto them the understanding that band is a “team” effort and we all have a responsibility to the group to work our hardest so we (as a whole) can achieve our best.






I expect all students enrolled in the band program to work to their full potential in class and at home when practicing.


I expect all students to be focused and respectful during class so I can guide the band in learning new techniques in music and prepare the groups for our upcoming concerts/events.


      Students enrolled in the program have selected to do so because of their motivation and love of music. Therefore, their passion for this class should be reflected with the effort they put in at home and in class. They should understand that band is a “team activity” which means that they are an important part in making this team successful.


If students begin showing lack of effort in or out of the classroom with music preparation, or a consistent negative attitude towards the class in any way, I will contact their parents to set up a time to meet with them and their child to discuss whether or not they should still be enrolled in the band program.



Band Grade Breakdown



Participation (55%) - This category of grading includes being prepared for class with instrument, pencil, music, and book.  Behavior in class and attitude also contribute to the quality of this grade.  Students may forget their instrument or music two times per semester, but any time following this, their participation grade will be marked down.

Materials Needed for Band Class Everyday

  • Instrument in working condition with all parts needed to play (i.e. reeds, valve oil, drum sticks...)
    Pencil!  (Yes, a pencil - not a pen, we will be writing in music and may need to make changes!)
  • Folder with band music that I hand out
  • Music Book
    • 6th Grade - Essential Elements 2000 Bk.1
    • 7th Grade - Essential Elements 2000 Bk. 2
    • 8th Grade - Essential Elements 2000 Bk. 2

*A NOTE ON FOCUS & RESPECT:  Two attributes that heavily influence the participation grade for band are, RESPECT and FOCUS.  I need the students in the band program to understand that a successful band is one that is ready when the conductor calls on them to play, or not to play, and that they need to be courteous of the teacher's rules at all times.  If negative behaviors persist, or the behavior is severe enough, the student will receive a teacher detention.  If a student continues to not display the positive character traits that are expected of them, parents will be notified.  If negative behaviors still continue after calls home and detentions, a meeting will be set up to decide whether or not they will be able to stay in the program.


Practicing (7%) - Students have monthly practice charts that they need to fill out each month.  An average of 60 to 75 minutes a week is required to recieve a grade from A to A+, respectively.  Practice charts need to be handed in on time and signed by a parent or guardian.  If for any reason a student cannot practice at home (ex. parent works night shift and sleeps during the day or a sibling is sick) the student may sign up to stay after school to use the band room to practice.




Concerts (10%) - Students are expected to attend the concerts - this is our "final exam" and culmination of all our hard work as a team.  Students are expected to be respectful of the director and use correct behavior at the concert.  They must also wear the correct concert attire which is listed below. 

  • Please send in a letter or email me to let me know of any conflicts ahead of time (this is very helpful for concert planning!).  
  • Parades are considered concerts so all of the above, along with the proper concert attire follows.

Concert Attire:


Boys=Black pants (no jeans), white shirt (preferable button down, not a t-shirt), dark dress shoes (no sneakers or sandals). 


Girls=Black pants/skirt/dress, white top (no t-shirts please), dark dress shoes (no sneakers or sandals).


Important Note: It is really up to the parents to make sure the students are dressed properly for the special event.  Think of the band as a "sports team" and the concert as our "big game", we all need to be "unified" and our uniform is what will makes us look our best, and therefore, we will work together as a team and play our best.  Your support is greatly appreciated in this matter.  Thank you! 



Worksheets (10%) - Students will complete worksheets throughout the semester to support their development as well-rounded musicians and follow the curriculum.  Students will also possibly complete worksheets with substitute teachers and these are included in this grade.



Tests / Quizzes (6th Grade=10%, 7/8=15%) - It is very challenging to individually assess every students playing skills on a regular basis, however, I will be doing so at least once a month (about 3 times per semester).  Students may meet with me for extra help and to retake the test or quiz, however, their subsequent attempts at the quiz will be averaged together with their first grade, which means it is still important for the student to practice for the first quiz and take it very seriously.


Information for 6th grade band only: Students will receive weekly lessons during the first trimester, and monthly lessons during the second and third trimesters. Attendance at these lessons is mandatory and will be incorporated into their final grade (10%).





Listening Examples!

Haydn's "Surprise" Symphony #95 in G.


Listen to movement 2 for the surprises!

Pay close attention to the theme (main melody) and how Haydn creates variations by passing the theme between the different instruments.

Instrumentation:  Two each of flutes, oboes, bassoons, horns, trumpets, plus timpani, and the usual string section consisting of first and second violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.

Music of Africa




THIS WORLD MUSIC - Drum Examples, Video clips, Info.

Ukelele / Jake Shimaburkuro

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO OF JAKE SHIMABUKURO PLAYING A FAMOUS BEATLES SONG ON HIS TENOR UKULELE. is an organization that Jake is heavily involved with.  Check out his letter and video about the importance of music in our lives. 

Biography of Jake Shimabukuro