Briley, Jennifer

Seventh Grade World Studies


Tips to Understanding World Studies

  1. This is a writing and researched based class; we analyze the geography, history, culture and modern challenges of the Middle East, Africa, India, China and Russia.
  2. Students need to come with a charged Chromebook each day; I encourage students to have at least a section in a binder or folder to keep paper assignments (and to take home graded rubrics). 
  3. If you notice a zero in Power School your student has either (a) Missed School or (c) Did not complete the work in a timely or correct manner. I will enter a message that explains this zero in the assignment comment. However, please encourage them to talk to me to get the needed clarification on the zero.
  4. I am available to meet and work with students from 2:30 to 2:50PM. 
  5. Students can redo quizzes,  projects or tests; if they are absent they can turn in class work upon returning and recieving clarification for missed work; they should sign the Taking Ownership form in my classroom when finished. Expectations will increase for each redo.
  6. Google Classroom will help students understand what they are doing in class, provide resources and due dates; I do not use it consistently to report missing, late or grades on assignments; Power School is the best place to find out how your student is doing. 


What is going on in our class?

Students are currently finishing the Expert focused Middle East Unit; this unit strengthened their research skills as well as their ability to evaluate primary/secondary sources about the Middle East. They will finish the unit this weekend as they share out an Expert based explanation, about culture in the Middle East, to someone at home this weekend (Oct 21-23). The rubric on  Google Classroom should give them more clarification if they need help.