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Plymouth Public Schools Philosophy on Mathematical Fluency 

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) emphasize the importance of both conceptual understanding of mathematics andmathematical fluency. The Plymouth Public Schools have set math benchmark fluency targets to serve as one tool to assess students’ mathematical fluency. However, it is essential to remember that conceptual understanding precedes fluency and conceptual understanding is critical in the development of students’ math skills.

A critical part of mathematical fluency is the development of strategies that enable students to understand mathematics. Instructional strategies that help students conceptualize math will increase mathematical fluency. It is not our philosophy to “drill and kill” math facts. Our philosophy is to first provide students with a conceptual understanding of mathematics and then provide targeted practice (e.g. mad minutes, computer games, flashcards) so that students can increase their mathematical fluency.

The purpose of math fact benchmark assessments is to determine students’ areas of strengths and weaknesses related to math fluency and to provide follow-up instruction to target students’ weaknesses. In addition, benchmark assessments will also be used to measure students’ improvement over time. Other classroom and benchmark assessments are also used to determine students’ conceptual understanding of mathematical practices.

Please see the link on the right for our Math Fluency Targets which are formally assessed three times per year in grades 1-5.

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