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Eli Terry Jr. Middle School was named in honor of Eli Terry Jr., who was the son of Eli Terry a famous clock maker. Most of Terry's sons also became clock makers. His son Eli Terry Jr. was the most famous, as the village of Terryville in Plymouth, Connecticut was named after him; he purchased the lock making equipment that would eventually be used to form Eagle Lock Company, which for a long period of time was Terryville's biggest employer.

Originally, Eli Terry Jr. Middle School was designated as a high school for students in grades nine through twelve. The old high school was renovated and converted into the present middle school. The newly renovated Eli Terry Jr. Middle School was opened on September 2, 2008.

Eli Terry Jr. Middle School offers a balanced, comprehensive and success-oriented curriculum. The school offers a supportive environment that will provide experiences to assist in making the transition from childhood to adolescence, helping each individual to bridge the gap between the self-contained structure of the elementary school and the departmental structure of the high school.

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